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Apr 17, 2021FPL_Jenni rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
The War that Saved my Life is an incredibly engaging historical fiction novel that has received multiple awards and nominations, including the Schneider Family Book Award and a Newberry Honor book selection. The book features Ada, a physically disabled child, as the main protagonist as she and her brother struggle to adapt in a new household with a caring guardian. Both of them struggle due to the fact that their mother neglected and abused them their entire life, so being placed in the care of Susan, a woman who cares about them and tries to help them, is difficult for the pair to come to terms to. Bradley creates an incredibly heartwarming tale in a time where nothing is certain and everything is terrifying, due to the war that is going at the time, that focuses on choosing one's family. Bradley portrays Ada's feelings, including her anger and confusion, perfectly through her stylized writing. All in all, The War that Saved my Life is an incredible read that is sure to capture the heart of any reader.