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Jan 10, 2019AConsolver rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
4 Stars - I recommend if you are looking for a middle-grade fairy tale retelling with an imagination, a and a strong female lead. Ella is cursed. She was made to be obedient from birth, and now does whatever she is told to do. Her goal in life is to get the fairy who cursed her, Lucinda, to remove her "gift" of obedience. When Ella's mother dies, her father sends her to finishing school where her "gift" is discovered and exploited. Ella runs away in the hopes of finding the fairy Lucinda and finally gaining her freedom. Along the way she runs into her old friend Prince Char.When her father marries Dame Olga and leaves the estate Dame Olga and her mean daughters turn Ella into a servant who must do their bidding. Oh, and Ella can't marry Prince Char because she could put him in danger with her gift. How can she break the curse? I re-read this book because I won a copy of the prequel, Ogre Enchanted, via Goodreads and Harper Collins Children. It had been at least 15 years since I've read the original book, and I wanted a refresher. I'm glad I got a chance to re-read this as an adult. I know that I loved it as a child! I feel like an awful lot is packed into a short book, but that could be a middle-grade trait. However, I loved the creative twist on Cinderella, the magical world that Levine built, and the strong-willed, brave character she created in Ella. I definitely recommend this if you haven't read it before, or if you have elementary aged children.