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Nov 25, 2017jcparrish rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
You definitely want to read The War that Saved My Life before reading this book. This directly follows the first book. If you liked the first book, you should read the second book, but the first book is definitely better. Most of the characters from the first book continue in the second book with, a few new characters added to add variety and depth. The main new character is Ruth, a very unlikely German refugee girl sent to live with Susan Smith. Ruth adds a human element to the war, which is good, but she should have been a minor character. More of the book should have been experiences of and character development of Ada - riding and caring for Butter - learning more about the world outside her old apartment - developing relationships - becoming more self-assured - maturing. Ada did have new experiences, did some growing up and found a way to better relate to adults and the role of parents and children, but it could have been richer material. Overall, it was an enjoyable book, but it did not develop into its greatest potential, and for that reason I was disappointed.