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Aug 24, 2017
Alpha "Ali", Bree, & Jack --- three 13 yr old kids that didn't know each other before this summer. But the prime viewing spot for the upcoming total solar eclipse would bring them together in more ways than one. Ali, a super-fan of everything astronomy, helps her family run the Moon Shadow campground, the prime viewing spot for the upcoming total solar eclipse. Bree, a fashion model wanna-be, is the outsider in a family of geniuses. Jack, a pudgy social outsider, failed science class which landed him in summer school. Ali's dad accepted a new science job in Chicago, & they leave the campground after the total eclipse event. Bree's parents have accepted the job as the new campground owners, & have decided to move in a week early in order to view the total solar eclipse. Jack's science teacher has offered him a position as his assistant on his summer trip to the campground in exchange for not having to go to summer school. They, along with 3 sidekicks, build a life-long bond while conducting a science experiment in Mr Silver's unexpected absence. These are the events that brought the teens together. The eclipse experience is what locks each other in their memories forever. I love a good "coming of age" story. Make the common factor of the teens a total solar eclipse! This is definitely a young adult read intended for 12-16 yr olds, but it's a story for all ages. The kids' description of the major changes in their lives, watching the story of an unlikely friendship unfold, & seeing how an astronomical phenomenon can bring the entire story to a point in what made this story so special. Each of the characters are special in their own right, but their story together was my favorite. Age recommendation: all ages On a scale of 1-10 stars, I give it 9.