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ArapahoeStaff29 made a comment May 07 2021
"Are you one of the many Americans that are authoritarian minded? These 12 lessons, expertly shared by Macwilliams, are chilling and revelatory." Permalink
ArapahoeStaff29 added a title to their Completed shelf May 07 2021
An expert on American authoritarianism offers a searing rebuke to the "exceptional" narrative that dominates our understanding of US history. In 12 lessons, On Fascism exposes the divisive rhetoric, strongman tactics, violent othering, and...
ArapahoeStaff29 made a comment Apr 09 2021
"The genuineness of this career military man and his openness about his own childhood devotion to Robert E Lee and the strides he's made in his education and advocacy makes this memoir/history a well written and thoughtful book that showcases the s..." Permalink
ArapahoeStaff29 rated a title Apr 09 2021
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ArapahoeStaff29 made a comment Mar 09 2021
"Talia Lavin risks her well being every day as a journalist of the alt-right, delving into the minds of homegrown white supremacists in an attempt to expose them. Her important efforts will expose to you the rather terrifying beliefs and capabilit..." Permalink
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