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Dementia From their Point of View

"In the library we have customers from all walks of life. Some we see over the course of years and get to know. As they age, a few begin to demonstrate signs of dementia, including Alzheimer's. Signs that I recognize, because it has touched me pers..."
PimaLib_MaryG made a comment Mar 26 2018
"I have been waiting for this book for months and it was every bit as good as I expected and then some. The epic tale of Big Angel and his brother Little Angel takes place over two days, but through flashbacks it spans a lifetime. Urrea spins the t..." Permalink
PimaLib_MaryG rated a title Mar 26 2018
PimaLib_MaryG made a comment Mar 22 2018
"The new American owners of a bookshop in a small Scottish tourist town have to find the killer of a woman nobody liked before they can get back to business running their store and opening a tea shop next door? Realistic? No. Fun and cozy? Yes." Permalink
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