That Summer in Paris
That Summer in Paris Memories of Tangled Friendships With Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Some Others By Callaghan, Morley Book - 1963

Morley Callaghan comes off as a name dropping chauvinist, taking an immediate dislike to the women he meets that summer in Paris. Sylvia Beach offends the great Callaghan because she refuses to give out the information of her writer friends. Zelda Fitzgerald he sneers at because she mentions that she too is a good writer and also he feels her ballet is competing with Scott. Pauline Hemingway isn't impressed with Morley or his wife Loretto (the only woman in the book who is approved of-though her only actions are sitting, smiling, and when she speaks, parroting Morley). He mentions every trivial encounter he can with any of the recognizable characters from 1920s Paris. It's like a summer spent celebrity spotting and is written up as well as any fifth grader writing "what I did with my summer vacation..." Try Memoirs of Montparnasse by John Glassco instead.

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