The Lion King

The Lion King

Special Edition

DVD - 2003
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Disney's epic coming-of-age saga tells of the love between a proud lion ruler, Mufasa, and his son Simba.
ISBN: 9780788845505
Characteristics: 2 videodiscs (90 mins.) :,sound, colour ;,12 cm
Additional Contributors: Walt Disney Company
Alternative Title: The Lion king [dvd]


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Apr 09, 2019

The Lion King is a famous animated Disney movie released in 1994. This feature follows a young bubbly Simba, (prince of pride rock) and his adventures with his best friend Nala. Until one day a horrific event occurs at the paws of his uncle Scar, forcing Simba to flee pride rock until he is found wandering the desert by Timon and Pumba and begins living with them in a lush tropical forest until adulthood. One day his long lost friend Nala finds him and begs him to return home because of the condition Scar has left his former home. The four then travel back to pride rock to duel with Scar for the throne. I would strongly recommend this children's movie. @GoosReviews of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

The lion king is a great family friendly movie to watch! This is one of my favourite childhood movies! I enjoyed this movie because it’s a movie I use to watch when I was little and one of my favourite! This is a great movie the beginning is sad when Simbas dad dies especially because Simba is only a baby but this movie teachers us about independence and friendship and love and family and bravery!! I recommend any age group to watch this great movie! 5/5 Stars. @SunshineLove of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Mar 24, 2019

One of the best Disney movies ever made. It's a masterpiece in acting, animation, music, and storytelling. Everything about it is perfect. The comedy is well done too, and not over the top or ridiculous.

Feb 21, 2019

Does it get any better than the original lion king? The answer is no

Jan 16, 2019

I hadn't seen this movie in probably 20 years. The first few minutes (which was the trailer back then - the whole announcing the new prince thing - gave me goosebumps - it was so well done - especially for back then! But then, about 15 minutes into the film, I found myself asking "why the hell am I watching this?!" It's very much a kids movie - nostalgic to a degree, but then it ends up being the same old rewashed bag of glitter that Disney has used since day one. I was initially excited to see the upcoming live-action version of this, but after watching this again... idunno. I may pass.

Oct 20, 2018

I suppose that as a children's film, we should not be expecting very much complexity from the characters, except perhaps the main character. The flatness and one dimensional-ness of all of the bad guys is a little too much. Most of the songs are nowhere near as catchy as those in, say, The Jungle Book. There is no explanation as to why the land of the hyenas is off limits, and the very idea that the prey of the lions are going to be kneeling and worshiping the new king who will be eating them is beyond comprehension.

Jul 03, 2018

The Lion King (1994) is directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers. The movie is rated. I give this movie a 5 out of 5 stars because I loved the characters and the animation. This movie is about a lion cub (Simba) who is about to become king, but before he became king he was caught in some trouble. His uncle (Scar) tricks the cub into thinking he has caused his uncle's death and the cub runs away from home.When he runs away from home the cub makes new friends named Pumbaa and Timon. Later in the movie Pumbaa and Timon convince Simba to go back home. @purplepuff of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

The movie “The Lion King” is a fantastic Disney movie to watch and is one of my all-time favourite movies. The animation of this movie was incredible, the animation of this movie definitely includes Disney's unique animation style. Overall the animation of the background and characters was very well done with great colour. The colours of the movie were also very well use with a mix of bright and dark to empathizes emotion in different sections. The plot of this movie was very unique with Mustafa dying and Scar becoming the news lion king, although Simba fights back for his throne. The ending of this movie was outstanding and very joyful, with Simba becoming King and being reunited with his family and his best friend or now soulmate, Nala. The emotion and mood which was used in this movie were displayed appropriately with a mix of anger, sadness, joy and suspense. I believe that this movie is enjoyable for all ages as it is a children’s movie, however, this “The Lion King” is still amusing for adults. Any true Disney fan has definitely watched “The Lion King”.
@Chichiro of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

This movie is a cartoon classic that children and adults have loved for years. Simba is a young lion cub who’s father Mufasa was killed in a wildebeest stampede after his evil uncle Scar wanted to take back the lion throne. However, now that Simba is older he is ready to take back what was rightfully his from Scar and save the animal kingdom. With the help of his friends Timon and Pumbaa, Simba becomes a loveable character in this movie and brings out the true meanings of loyalty, destiny, and justice. I would rate this incredible film 5/5 stars and recommend it to young children and families who love animals and interesting plotlines.
- @The_Reviewer of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Possibly the best Disney movie out there. The opening is absolutely fantastic and one of the best bits of cinema ever made.

Jan 25, 2018

Outstanding Disney film! One of the best movies they've ever made.

I just seen this DVD now on the website i really like the movie i have the stuff toy of Simba it is now midnight. I also watched the Special Edition video from 2003 i have a Stuff toy of Simba but he stands witch is better that way he doesn't have to fall down on my bed he can stand and i have a baby blaket of lion king it has a picture of Simba and Nala in this movie this is a movie mostly about the origial of the frist movie when i frist saw this movie in stores i thought they are gonna make a movie with the parts of the frist movie and 2ed movie almost like a 2 movie together made but it was tottly diffrent the very frist time i ever seen this movie was back in 2003 when the vhs came the speacil edition i mean out my costin had that movie and he still has it they also had the 2ed one on vhs but i never notied they had the frist movie too untill later when we went to there house they live in Waterford where i used to live this movie is just as good as the other two movies i think all of you need to watch this movie i never understood he said in that case your fired that was the very frist time i ever understood and that he was mocky what Zazo was saying i can not belivie it i watched this movie so meny times as a kid and i never notied it and understood what they had said before and i never heard him sing enames beward and i have a vhs of lion king and i watched it a lot of times as a kid and never read it well i gotta say they do sing really fast once you try to sing along with it it will go away i didn;t evan told you Mrs. Morason our old Caplin in Assumpion high school had the 2011 Blu-ray movie it was the very frist day on School exam i went to the 2ed flour in my school and i saw my friend Brayden and when i went to the 2ed flour with my high school musical backpack yeah i always loved high school musical by the time i watched it it was 2008 the 2ed movie was the very frist movie i ever watched it and then i came into the room and my friend Brayden said hi to me i said hi back and i said you guys are watching Lion King and brayden said he has that movie i said i had watched this movie scine i was a kid and i stil have it but on vhs it a Masterpiece collection he said he has the same one i later lost it so i just barrowed it from the library the 2011 dvd.

Dec 29, 2016

Our family's favourite one too! Love, love, love IT.....

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Jan 25, 2018

Pumbaa: Hey, Timon, ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there?

Timon: Pumbaa, I don't wonder; I know.

Pumbaa: Oh. What are they?

Timon: They're fireflies. Fireflies that, uh... got stuck up on that big bluish-black thing.

Pumbaa: Oh, gee. I always thought they were balls of gas burning billions of miles away.

Timon: Pumbaa, with you, everything's gas.

May 13, 2016

"If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat
Eat my buddy Pumbaa here because he is a treat
Come on down and dine - On this tasty swine - All you have to do is get in line
Aaaare you achin' (Yup, yup, yup)
Foooor some bacon? (Yup, yup, yup)
Heeee's a big pig (Yup, yup)
You could be a big pig too. Hoy!"
- Timon and Pumbaa

Mz_Patterson Jul 26, 2014

" Simba"

Mar 18, 2013

"Why do i always have to save your AHHHH........"

Mar 13, 2013

Hakuna Matata, it means no worries for the rest of your days.

Jun 09, 2010

"Remember who you are"

Mar 31, 2008

Banzai: Hey, did we order this dinner to go?
Shenzi: No, why?
Banzai: Cause there it goes!

Nov 05, 2007

Timon: Lady, have you got your lions crossed?


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Nov 05, 2007

"King Mufasa" of the lions dies because of his evil broth "Scar". "Simba" runs away from the kingdom and Scar. The kingdom meets near ruin until Simba returns a rids the kingdom of scar and his followers


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